Welcome to the Valkyrie RoleplayersEdit

Valkyrie Roleplayers is a group of player-characters in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn that are native to the Brynhildr server. These characters formed a coalition for in character gameplay for a more immersive experience. This wiki contains character data and backstory information for ease of collaboration and creative writing.

For player characters on Brynhildr looking to join our community, the linkshell moderator is Kekela Kela. Send her a message in game asking for an invite to the Valkyrie linkshell. Then, join this wiki and create a page for your character. Include basic information, such as your character's name, age, sex, race and main classes and skills. Background information and personality traits are encouraged as well. Lastly, include the time of day (including time zone) that you're typically online, for ease of communication.

Rules and Procedures Edit

The LS chat is specifically to be used for in-character interactions. Out-of-character interactions should be kept to a minimum and ideally identified as such by ((double parenthesis)). I would like linkshell chat to not clutter other player's chat boxes excessively, so one should really use it to try to meet up with other players online, then communicate via /say or /party as appropriate. The alternate way to use the LS is just a list of players who are online and willing to roleplay. You can select any character on the LS list and send /tell to propose some idea/adventure directly.

There are really only two things that will get you removed from the LS: ERP in the linkshell and being an asshole. Don't do those things and we'll keep your name on the list for as long as you want. Subject to change if we get too full, but I don't think that will happen any time soon.


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Add your characterEdit

First, log in or sign up with Wikia. It's free and it takes five minutes

Then, click here to create a page (or use the drop down in the upper right corner of this page). Add whatever character information you think is important. Pictures are encouraged!

If you need some help thinking of ideas, you can use this page as an example.

Useful LinksEdit

Hydaelyn Role-Players: a hub website used to connect FFXIV player characters for the purpose of in-character immersive play

FFXIV English Official Forum: Lore: The perfect place to research/ask questions regarding the world of Hydaelyn. This is a highly useful website for anyone using FFXIV canon as a basis for creative writing

FFXIV character name generator: One of many, this engine will produce names that adhere to each race's naming convention.

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